Contracting and Construction

This is the point when the construction documents will be priced with the exact bidding process dependent upon the contracting method you have selected. We will review the pricing and you will be presented with our comparison of proposals along with our analysis of the strengths of the various firms. Any special issues raised by the bidders will be explained in non-technical terms.

At the end of the bidding process we will be sure that you will have a price for the work and an understanding of items that could cause the price to change so that you will be in a position to move forward with a feeling of certainty.

Key elements of the actual contract will be explained with an emphasis on giving you an understanding of the implications of the various technical sections. Construction Methods will work with you and your attorney to be sure that your interests are properly looked after, but not in a manner which will add wasteful cost to the project.

During construction there will be regular team meetings. Construction Methods will serve as your advisor and representative. We will monitor the progress of the construction in relation to the schedule and your goals to keep you fully informed. We will negotiate the elements of any changes that arise and advise you on your options.

At the end of this phase we will work with the team to complete the construction, assemble the final documentation and assure that your transition into your new facility occurs smoothly.

Our goal is to conclude the construction process quickly and completely so that you can return to the quiet enjoyment of your facility as soon as possible.