Construction Management Software

Is This You?

Worried about trying to hire more key producers while at the same time trying to avoid ending up with those who are "not the best"? Do you use construction project management software?

Are you frustrated because you want to grow your company but you just can't find competent people? Have you hired new people and they just didn't work out? What did that cost?

Are your construction project managers spending too much time in the office and not enough time in the field because they're bogged down pushing pencils? How is that working for them? How is that working for you?

Do you have trouble getting all your people to do their work in the same way? Is each person working as if they are their own separate company with some projecting the image you want to project and others projecting one that makes you cringe—even if they are great builders?

Are items slipping through the cracks and costing you money, items that could be tracked if your people only had enough time? Do you find it difficult to select an architect?

Have you ever called for delivery only to find production hadn't started because the submittal had been lost—untracked and un-followed up?

Have you ever had a job change trip you up because it hadn't been completely run through the change order process? Ever have a sub tell you he wasn't going to perform a change until he had a signed change order? How did that work out?

Have you ever been surprised by the final cost of a subcontract because some of the changes were not accurately tracked? Who ate the cost?

Have you ever had to pass up a request for a time extension and increased general conditions costs because you couldn't find all the paperwork to make your case?

Did you ever have a disagreement with a subcontractor about the scope of work because he didn't sign your subcontract agreement and you didn't know he hadn't?

Do you know how current your project managers are? Have you been unpleasantly surprised to learn how many loose ends there are on some of your company's projects?

Are you a general contractor or HVAC contractor who is tired of wasting money and your key employee's time? If so, click on the "What is it" link to learn more about our construction project management software - Cornerstone Manager.